District Profile

District Overview

Harvey SD 152 serves approximately 2200 students. The district has a Birth-3 program, a pre-school, 5 (K-6) elementary buildings and a middle school that serves 7th and 8th graders. The town spans across an area of 6.2 miles and is located about 20 miles south of downtown Chicago.

Demographic Information

Student Demographic (Race/Ethnicity) and Characteristics
White - 0.35%Black - 64.5% Hispanic - 31.7%Asian - 2.0%Multi Racial - 1.45%

Harvey, IL Claims to Fame

Founded in 1892 by Turlington Walker Harvey, Harvey, IL was the site of Illinois' first orphanage for African American children, which opened in 1899 by Amanda Berry Smith. In addition, it is also the birthplace of comedian Tom Dreesen, baseball player Lou Boudreau, and the singing group The Dells. Harvey was the filming location for the 1980 movie, "The Blues Brothers."  

All of our schools are named after poets:

Angelou Elementary School: We have the only school in Illinois named for author, poet and activist Maya Angelou.
Brooks Middle School: Is named for Poet Laureate of Illinois and Pulitzer Prize Winner, Gwendolyn Brooks. 
Bryant Elementary School: Is named for poet, critic and editor William Cullen Bryant.
Holmes Elementary School: Is named for poet, writer and professor of medicine Oliver Wendell Holmes.
Riley Elementary School: Is named for poet, lecturer and newspaper man James Whitcomb Riley.
Sandburg Elementary School: Is named for the Pulitzer Prize winning poet Carl Sandburg.
Whitter Elementary School: Is named for poet, editor and writer of religious verses John Greenleaf Whittier.