Community Education

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Mrs. Luster-Bolton

Arletha Luster
Community Education Manager
(708) 333-0300 Ext. 123

The community education program is designed to provide Harvey Public School, District 152 community of families with educational support, quality family-centered events and parent/guardian resources to create a stronger school and community for our children.

The Community Education Program aims to:

  • Increase parental/guardian involvement in district offices, schools, and the community through PTO recruitment and welcomed volunteerism.

  • Empowering parents/guardians' to create individual success and accomplishments, through our Job Training classes, Adult Education and G.E.D. classes.

  • Provide parents/guardians a supportive and educational outlet to feel free to communicate family needs through educational support groups, parent recognition and family-designed events.

  • Create partnership opportunities with organizations, churches, and businesses in the Harvey community.

  • Change the problems that plague our families and students with solutions that will create lasting effects in the lives of the people in our community.

  • Create a stronger parent, a stronger student, a stronger District and a stronger City, to ensure a healthier quality of life for our families.

  • Develop and maintain a strong advisory council that has a broad-based representation.

  • Financial support should come from many sources.