Student Policies

Student Absences and Tardiness

Parents are reminded that school attendance by their children is mandatory and is the legal responsibility of the parent or guardian. Skipping school can be a very dangerous venture for the student since neither the school nor the home knows the whereabouts of the student. The school intends to account for each student at all times. Therefore, truancy will not be tolerated. The Truant Officer is notified when a student has excess absences and action is taken which involves the parent, guardian, and if necessary, pursuant to State laws, the courts. When a student is absent in the morning or all day, the parent or guardian should notify the school by 9:30 a.m. on the day of absence. If a student is to be absent only in the afternoon, the school should be notified by 11:00 a.m. on that day.

The 300 Minute Rule is being strictly enforced within the State of Illinois. This means that students must receive 300 minutes of instruction. Kindergarten children must receive 120 minutes of instruction.

Students who have missed 1 to 24 minutes of class will be credited for a full day of attendance. Students who miss 25 or more minutes will only receive credit for one-half (½) day of attendance. Those students will also be expected to stay after school to make-up work within 3 days of the tardiness.

A student may leave school only if the school gives permission to the student or the school recognizes a request from the home.

Electronic Devices

No student shall use or have in his or her possession any pocket pager or similar electronic paging device while in any school or on school property, during regular school hours, or at any other time. No student shall use or have in his or her possession any cellular telephone or similar device while in any school or on any school property, during regular school hours or at any other time. Any student who violates this policy shall be subject to disciplinary actions in accordance with the District's student discipline policy.Beeper Ban Policy 702.1 paragraph (p).

Retention Policies

Building principals shall make the final decision regarding retention by addressing the following criteria:

  • The Student does not meet local and State Standards at grades 3, 4, and 8, in Reading, Mathematics, Language Arts, and Social Studies.

  • An Analysis of a variety of assessments, i.e. Illinois Standards Achievement Tests (ISAT), Sanford Achievement Tests (SAT), portfolios, and other local assessments.

  • Student participation in recommended extended day and/or extended year learning opportunities.

  • The academic, social, emotional, psychological effects of retention upon the students.

  • The likelihood that retention will improve student academic performance.

In order that a student be retained, there must be adequate and appropriate documentation. Documentation relative to items #1 and #2, shall be placed in the student's cumulative folder.

Student Discipline Policy

Section 24-24 of the Illinois School code states that teachers and other certificated educational employees shall maintain discipline in the schools. The district has adopted a district discipline plan. In addition, each school within the district has a school-wide discipline plan.

Health/Pupil Safety

A registered nurse is employed by the District and is available for parent consultation concerning student health and well being.

A concerted effort by school authorities and by parents is needed to ensure the utmost safety of our students as they travel from home to school and back. District 152 has a Safety Patrol of students at the elementary schools. These students participate with the consent of the parents, and encourage other students to cross public streets and highways with safety. The Safety Patrol is under the direction and control of the principal and faculty advisor. The Safety Patrol members are not to step into the streets in the performance of their duties. Adult crossing guards are employed by the District.