Strategic Plan 2023-2028


The initial Engage Phase of the strategic planning process was designed to authentically engage stakeholders – including students, parents, teachers, administrators, staff, and community leaders in productive dialogue related to Harvey School District’s successes, values, and priorities for the future.

The second phase, the Focus Phase, involved reviews of the stakeholder feedback, the District’s Mission, Vision and Belief statements, as well as archival data to create a focused and actionable strategic plan draft with goals and objectives aligned to the priorities of the community.

The third phase, the Execute Phase, is the time when the district takes full ownership of the goals and completes initiation of this phase.

The fourth and fifth phases, Re-focus and Re-Execute, were added in the Fall of 2023 when an identified need was established. This involved reframing the operational plan so that all stakeholders are able to actively utilize the plan to work toward improvement.

Our Vision

The District will provide students with an enriched and integrated curriculum with instructional experiences to promote 21st century skills that include inquiry, skillful decision making, effective communication, multicultural appreciation, academic success, and the joy of learning.

Our Beliefs

  1. All persons and activities in the school district support the teaching and learning process.

  2. The District will provide the student with a quality education.

  3. Every child can learn and be successful.

  4. Education must advance the dignity, self-esteem, growth, and integrity of all individuals.

  5. Education is the shared responsibility of the student, home, school, and community.

  6. High expectations and hard work are essential to high performance.

  7. It is important to establish and attain measurable goals and objectives.

  8. There is power in the integrated approach to teaching and learning.

  9. Shared decision-making is valuable.

  10. Students will be provided personalized quality education in a safe and caring environment.

Our Focus

  • Student Growth and Achievement

  • Learning Environment

  • Elevating Educators

  • Family and Community Partnerships

  • Resource Efficiency

Our Goals

  • Ensure academic engagement and growth for all students

  • Support a learning environment that is safe, inclusive, and engaging for all students

  • Grow and maintain a work environment that recruits and retains high-quality staff

  • Enhance communication and community relations

  • Provide a safe and effective learning environment with fiscal responsibility