Harvey School District 152 will utilize the district's e-learning plan to implement remote learning. Students are expected to participate in ALL of their daily instructional activities daily and will receive grades and credit for attendance accordingly. Click on the link below to access a copy of the district's most current version of the e-learning plan and reopening plan for the 2021-2022 school year.  

E-Learning Plan

Reopening Plan

Behavior Expectations

  1. Students are expected to be signed into all scheduled video meetings at the designated time. 

  2. Students must have their camera activated

  3. Students must mute their microphones unless instructed to do otherwise.   

  4. Students may not use the chat feature in Google Meet, unless instructed to do so by their teacher.

  5. To the extent that it is possible, students are expected to work from an at-home location that is conducive to learning. 

  6. All devices logged in under a district account are monitored using the district’s device monitoring software

  7. Students are expected to be engaged in the activity designated by the teacher. No other tabs should be active. 

  8. Students should not eat during any virtual class meetings. Students are expected to eat breakfast before their AM virtual meeting and lunch before their PM virtual meeting. 

Behavior Consequences

  1. Student-teacher conference

  2. Parent-teacher conference.  

  3. Loss of privileges and/or participation in classroom activities

  4. Referral to Principal

  5. Second notification to parent and possible suspension from virtual sessions