Working for District 152

Interested in Working for Harvey School District?Thank you for your inquiry relative to employment with the Harvey Public Schools. We invite you to complete an online application at your earliest convenience. All applications are taken over the Internet. It is vital to provide us with the following paperwork that ensures a complete file:

  • An on-line application

  • Transcripts (for paraprofessional and certified staff), of all undergraduate and graduate course work, reflecting degree and date it was awarded.

  • A current resume

  • Three (3) letters of recommendation from administrators or supervisors who have supervised your teaching.

  • Appropriate certification

All documents must be uploaded via the online application. In order to reduce the necessity to collect paper and to improve efficiency, the District does not collect hard copies of resumes, letter of recommendation, etc.

The online application system is internet based; therefore applicants may complete the application from any location with an internet connection. The Harvey Public Library is a great location. There is also an access terminal located in the Administrative Center, 16001 S. Lincoln Ave, for those persons without access to an internet connection.

It will not be possible to grant interviews to all applicants. However, all completed files will be screened and applicants will be selected for personal interviews during the year as positions become available. Applicants, who are selected to be interviewed, will be contacted by the principal or by the Human Resources Department.

Thank you for your interest in the Harvey Public Schools.

Apply Online Now!

Paraprofessional applicants, under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, must meet one of the following criteria:

A high school diploma or equivalent, and possess 60 hours or more of college credit
Have passed the State Approved Parapro or Workkeys test and be eligible for ISBE Teacher Aide Approval.