Dear Families,

During the December 24th-January 8th winter break from school, we are grateful to everyone for helping to restore a routine for showing up to school while supporting students and  families. 

We appreciate everyone’s efforts to avoid taking extra time off during the winter break. As long as your child is healthy, please encourage showing up to class when school is in session. 

Every day of school is an important opportunity for students to learn as well as to connect to their peers and teachers. 

We thank: 

● Our students and their families who do their best to show up daily even when it isn’t easy. 

● Our teachers who go above and beyond to make school a welcoming and safe place for all students to learn.

● Our administrators who help us work together to ensure we create a physically and emotionally safe and engaging learning environment.

● Our many, many healers and helpers - the support staff and community volunteers who provide the extra hands and attention our children need.

 We appreciate each one of you. May these days off be restful and healing.  

If your family or your child needs support, please reach out to the district office for help.

● We look forward to seeing you again when school resumes on January 9th.

Thank you for partnering with us! 


Juli Mahorney, Maya Angelou Principal